Expanded Text Ads Set Up Guide

Expanded text ads are optimized for the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones and feature two headlines, each with 30 characters, and one long 80-character description line. That’s nearly 50% more ad text for you to highlight your products and services.

To help you get started, our best practices guide walks through tips and tricks for creating and optimizing expanded text ads. For example:

Rethink your entire ad creative, with a focus on your headlines to maximize performance
Create and test multiple expanded text ads for each ad group so you can determine what creative performs best for your business

Follow this guide and get advanced tips for setting up your expanded text ads for success.

Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices
Official Guide to Optimizing Ads and Messaging on Google Search.

Successful marketers need to deliver the right messaging for the right moment. Better creatives improve ad relevance and drive more qualified clicks from your text ads.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create compelling ads as people search on Google.com.
1. Take advantage of expanded text ads

Take full advantage of your PPC creative character limits and statistics.

Why: Longer headlines increase the clickable space of your ads, communicate more to someone who’s searching, and further qualify the clicks that you receive.

Focus on your headlines.

Why: The content and quality of your headlines matters and will determine how well your ads perform.

Read more about taking advantage of expanded text ads.
2. Write compelling, genuine ad copy

Don’t simply add a second headline to your existing ads. Rethink your entire ad creative.

Why: Building a connection with someone through an ad can be tough. Additional characters allow you to provide consumers with more insight into your offering.

Read more about writing compelling, genuine ad copy.
3. Set up your expanded text ads for success

Use keyword insertion and ad customizers if you have a lot of ads to maintain.

Why: You can tailor your creative to a user’s search while reducing your management overhead, including in your URL navigation fields.

Read more about setting your ads up for success.
4. Test and optimize creatives

Test and iterate your ad creative.

Why: You can learn about your users’ preferences and improve your performance by honing ad text, especially your headlines.

Read more about testing and optimizing creatives.
Moving from standard to expanded text ads

As you make the transition in your account to longer ads, keep these guidelines in mind:

Test multiple versions of expanded text ads. You’ve most likely spent months (or even years) crafting successful ad text under the old limits. One new expanded version isn’t guaranteed to win, which is why you should experiment with multiple approaches, ideally 3-5 per ad group.

Don’t forget lessons learned from standard text ads. If your existing text ad outperforms your expanded text ad on certain queries, try mimicking your standard text ad in the new expanded template. Consider promoting description line 1 from your standard text ad into headline 2 of your expanded text ad. Similarly, if successful ad text contained numbers or pricing, retain those as you rethink that entire creative. You have a chance to be more compelling, which may simply mean that you add a little bit more context to your already compelling ads. You can even experiment with moving around different components from previously successful ads.

Focus your ad tests on your headlines, using the advice found throughout this guide. This guide is based on beta testing along with what we observed over years of performance with longer headlines. Headlines are important, and it’s crucial to test that additional space first.

Leave your standard ads running until the new expanded versions perform. If you find that shorter, standard versions are performing better, compare that ad side-by-side with your new expanded text ads. Learn from what’s working and expand on that success with your additional text.

108 Tips to Drive Website Traffic

Facebook-Lead-AdsMost online businesses dream of having a tremendously popular site. It is great for your brand and finally functions to drive wave after wave of expected customers your way.

Nevertheless, dreaming about it will not get you there — taking actions is the essential.

Contrary to apparently popular notion, there isn’t any huge key to building your website traffic up. Everything comes down to comprehending fundamental advertising principles, consistent effort on a long term interval, and hard work.

There are an almost infinite variety of methods to improve visitors to your website, but here are 106+ easy suggestions & Tips to Drive Website Traffic


  • Add a number of the users Twitter urges you to follow you will be followed by a percent back.
    ) Add your favourite sites to your blogroll — they’ll could return the favor and see.
    3.) Add your site to Technorati.
    4.) Ask your readers what they’d like you to write about.
    5.) Attend blogging seminars and networking events — spread your business cards!
    6.) Be helpful and be fine — be likeable and help solve people’s issues and they’re going to send traffic your way with no encouragement needed.
    7.) Be Societal
    8.) Blog on a program that is consistent so that your readers understand when to anticipate new content.
    9.) By stopping your posts using a question support participation in your website.
    10.) Collaborate with other bloggers to create and share content.
    11.) Compose an ebook and offer a generous affiliate commission to motivate other people to spread it and link to your website.
    12.) Compose eye catching headlines.
    13.) Compose shorter posts — follow the example of Seth Godin with posts that are short but pleasant.
    14.) Contain an internet search function in your website.
    15.) Contain distinct approaches to get your content for example date and type archives
    16.) Contain links to read your site via Bloglovin’.
    17.) Contain quotable phrases in your content and use sharing to support on Twitter.
    18.) Contain societal sharing buttons on all your posts.
    19.) Contain the URL of your site on your business cards that are printed and give them out to everyone you meet.
    20.) Contain your site’s URL in your e-mail signature.
    21.) Convert some of your content into a demo and upload it to SlideShare.
    22.) Create a “best sites” list post and allow the bloggers understand you have included them — a little flattery can go quite a distance.
    23.) Create a podcast and distribute it through iTunes.
    24.) Create a Tumblr website and add content associated with your specialty in addition to re-blogging content from your own website.
    25.) Create Pinterest-friendly graphics with text on top of pictures to motivate individuals to trap your posts.
    26.) Develop a Facebook page for your site. Use it to communicate with your readers and post a notification each single time you print a fresh website article.
    27.) Develop a LinkedIn profile using a link to your website and lead to discussions and groups in your area.
    28.) Develop a WordPress Adwords campaign management theme and incorporate a link to your website in the footer.
    29.) Do interviews for other sites.
    30.) Ebooks And Freebies
    31.) Enter blogging contests — your site will normally be marketed on the web site hosting social media and the contest at no cost.
    32.) Follow all of the followers of other powerful bloggers in your specialty on Twitter.
    33.) Frequently pin pictures from some other websites. The more you trap, the more followers you will bring on Pinterest. Ensure that your website address is in your own profile!
    34.) Guest post on additional sites — attempt pitching to a new site weekly.
    35.) Guest Posting And Link Building
    36.) Host or participate in a webinar.
    37.) Improve With Multimedia
    38.) Incorporate a link to your RSS feed.
    39.) Incorporate a link to your site in every single online profile you’ve got.
    40.) Install a Search Engine Optimization plugin like All in the Yoast SEO plugin or One Search Engine Optimization Pack and optimize your website for search engines.
    41.) Interlink your site posts — link from ones that are new to old posts and edit old posts to link to more recent ones.
    42.) Interview influential people in your market/business.
    43.) Invite other people to guest post in your site — they will send traffic your way when they link to the post.
    44.) Join a collaborative Pinterest board and tap into the crowds of every one of the other bloggers.
    45.) Join blogger Facebook communities and groups to share wisdom and help boost each other’s content.
    46.) Link from your sidebar to your greatest and most popular posts.
    47.) Link out to authority websites in your market.
    48.) Link out to other bloggers liberally.
    49.) Link to your old places occasionally from your social networking reports.
    50.) Link to your posts in your Google page when you print them.
    51.) Link with StumbleUpon to all your places.
    52.) Make a program for Android or iPhone.
    53.) Make an infographic that is interesting and share it with everyone you can think of.
    54.) Make use of a link review tool like Open Site Explorer where your opponents are receiving links from, to discover and replicate them.
    55.) Offer a free e- digital merchandise or lessons and motivate your readers to tell folks about it.
    56.) Offline Thoughts
    57.) Optimize your web site for viewing on mobile devices.
    58.) Other Miscellaneous Thoughts
    59.) Participate in blog carnivals and link celebrations.
    60.) Pick a lovely subject for your site.
    61.) Ping your blog posts using a tool like Pingomatic.
    62.) Place -in form in your site and send out a newsletter that is free.
    63.) Post helpful info in newsgroups associated with your specialty and include your site’s URL in your signature.
    64.) Post helpful posts on websites like Squidoo and Hubpages with links back to your site.
    65.) Print an ebook and sell it or offer it free of charge on Amazon Kindle. Be sure your internet address is in the first 10% -( PPC Facts Resource) of the novel so that it shows right up in the sample.
    66.) Produce a complimentary report and get website visitors to tweet or post about your website on Social Media Giant Facebook to get it
    67.) Put in a content plugin that is connected to link each post to a number of other places that are relevant.
    68.) Reach out to other bloggers through their website, by e-mail or on social media — develop relationships.
    69.) Record your site in as many free website directories as you can discover.
    70.) Remark with insightful, helpful remarks on additional sites.
    71.) Reply questions on Yahoo! Answers and leave a link to your site.
    72.) Request a larger blogger to be your mentor about boosting your website and begin a case study.
    73.) Request your blogger buddies to include you in their blogroll.
    74.) Research your analytics, learn which is your most famous content and create more of the same.
    75.) Response to e-mails and your comments — reveal your readership that you are interested in what they should say
    76.) Return to old posts and edit them enhance and to upgrade them from time to time
    77.) Review merchandises and share your content with brands. They may link to your website out of their social networking reports
    78.) Run contest or a website giveaway.
    79.) Search Engine Optimization
    80.) Search forums in your market compose an article about it and to see what folks are referring to.
    81.) Set up a free website associated with your market with supplementary content on Blogger, Livejournal, Typepad etc. and reference back to your primary site.
    82.) Set up Google AdWords Agency of PPC Managers authorship on your own site.
    83.) Set up when you release a fresh post, and tell your followers.
    84.) Share others’ posts on Facebook and retweet advice that is valuable to your subscribers.
    85.) Speak at conventions and special occasions.
    86.) Submit pictures to free Flickr and stock photography websites and request a credit link back to your website.
    87.) Submit posts to article directories that are syndicated like Ezine Articles. In case your post is republished on another website you will gain from additional links.
    88.) Submit your greatest posts to Reddit and Digg.
    89.) Swap sidebar links and buttons with other websites.
    90.) Syndicate and compose a press release linking back to your site.
    91.) Syndicate your website on Amazon Kindle.
    92.) Tell your family and friends about your site.
    93.) Transcribe webinars and your videos for additional content.
    94.) Upload videos to Vimeo and YouTube — make sure a link to your website is in the video as well as the description.
    95.) Use eye catching images and pictures to attract attention to your places.
    96.) Use important keywords in alt tags and your picture file names.
    97.) Use keyword research tools to write about the things that a lot of individuals are trying to find.
    98.) Use link lure techniques to compose content that encourages enormous sharing.
    99.) Use social media scheduling applications such as Buffer to post mechanically in the most effective times of the day on social media.
    100.) Use subheadings and key words in your post title.
    101.) When you print them Tweet all your posts.
    102.) Write about current news stories.
    103.) Write about issues trending on Twitter and in Google AdWords experts consultant styles.
    104.) Write about something contentious and begin a discussion.
    105.) Write exceptional content — make a name for website as a wellspring of inspiring, useful, amusing, amusing, or educational posts.
    106.) Write list website posts — they get more traffic than just about any other type of post.
    107.) Write more generally — the more content you’ll be able to create, the better.
    108.) Write posts that are longer — enlarge in your content, fill out your site posts and create content that is genuine

Google AdWords Agency Tips

Foggy Tunnel View

Google  AdWords Management

Maximize your Google AdWords Management Agency success together with us!

For the long-term success of your AdWords campaigns, continuous optimization and supervision is required – We are your agency for a professional and targeted AdWords Management.
Thanks to our experience, we know the markets and can respond very quickly to seasonal conditions and the SEA campaigns of your competitors.

Gebotsananpassungen, display formulations and keyword analysis among our strengths – as well as the analysis of evaluation of your AdWords campaigns.
As experts in effective AdWords management, we are the perfect partner to ongoing optimization, analysis and implementation of your AdWords campaigns.
Bidmanagement systems
In addition to a manual modulation of campaigns systems are also suitable for special actions bid management for use.
In this we rely mainly on 2 systems of our partners.
Firstly IntelliAd where we certify our year as a Qualified Experts and secondly Adspert.
Here are jointly defined objectives and be controlled even difficult requirements perfectly.

AdWords Management

Benefits of Click pilots AdWords support We optimize target-oriented We know the search engine market, we respond quickly to market changes, we create and optimize compelling ads We analyze your keywords, we are experts for A / B tests with Google AdWords We increase your Quality Scores, CPC and CTR We are experts in analysis and reporting

8 steps to AdWords Management Success

​AdWords Management Success Tips

Target customers and market

1. Which customers you want to address? Can you narrow down your target audience make sense? What do you want these clients offer? What are your KPIs? How to call your customers their problem, what can you solve? What terms of referencing your main competitors?

The result of the answer to these questions is a keyword collection that you enter as an input into the Google AdWords Management Keyword Tool.

Best AdWords Keywords

2. After you enter the terms you receive from Google AdWords Management suggestions by clicking prices, monthly search demand and many other interesting parameters and indicators, including va the intensity of competition.

Do you have a Google AdWords account, you should create one, for this you will still need a variety of useful and free applications. Of course you can also hire a PPC agency can assist here and put you an account and write to you on top of that 75-100 € good for your first campaign! You will then get only almost nothing – and then you do not, strictly speaking, this SEM tutorial. Therefore, we recommend that you go to these first steps on your own, you will see the learning curve is very steep!

Maybe Google knows the best keywords for your website?

A good way is also, rather than in the field Keywords, fill out the right adjacent field “Domains” and then enter your domain. In this case, Google searches for matching keywords for the suspected Google focus of your website, so potential advertisers that have been successful at similar sites and have. However, this is only recommended if you maintain a current and content-rich site – otherwise the results are very sobering, but correspond in each case the relevance of your web pages state from the perspective of Google.

Export at least 50, better 100 keywords from the Google Keyword Tool (overview of the best keyword tools). You will need this same.

Design display texts

3. Think about slogans, which could cause a potential customer, on your AdWords ad to click. Observe also intense competition and try to dress up your unique selling points in a Requesting Party advertisement. Be at least 10-20 different ad text for your keywords.

Set Budget

4. How much is a new customer worth? How long do clients like? About the Lifecycle of the typical customers how much profit is generated? What is the cost of customer acquisition in other channels? You know, of course, right? Otherwise it is high time, without these figures is marketing namely flying blind without instruments! Depending on the sales and marketing costs for a new customer and the desired number of new customers or sales, you should start the budget. Do you want to generate € 200,000 in sales, with a net return of 12% a quarter of the expected profits is a budget for the first 3 months.

Since you will need to gain experience, start with one tenth of the total. In our example, 800 € for the first month. Next month, three times in the past month and 6-fold of the first month.

Build landing page

5. Create a landing page for your AdWords Campaign Management  campaign, which fits exactly to the slogans, and the click-customer exactly pick where he got there through your ad. If you nixcht know how to do it, consult it. A consulting and production costs about 1.000 – 5.000 €, this is money well spent, if you meet an experienced SEM / SEO specialist. (Here is our contribution: How to Find the Best PPC Agency?)

The expectation of the visitor must be exceeded rather on the landing page, now your new client is at your guest. If you fobbed him with general and abgegriffenem marketing gibberish, he will quickly realize that he only loses time on your side.

Offer him, your guest, only the best – and encourage him in order to identify themselves.

Downloads, newsletters, white papers, free web tools useful or interesting tutorials to convince potential customers. 50. Visitors leave their e-mail address or contact us directly – If you make an effort here, about one in 20 is.

Keywords and regions

6. Put all keywords initially on “broad match” or “broad” and set the bids automatically. For the daily budget you choose initially a fifth of the monthly sum and put them in the course of 3 weeks to about a 1/25 of the monthly budget. Choose a time circuit for B2B only during business hours and at B2C 24 even on weekends. Test once a state or a region if demand allows 100% utilization of your budget. Later take then added other regions. Share, if it is the ads on different campaigns around different product groups and services.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization: 7. And now the hardest, most detailed and most time-consuming work begins!

First of all you install Google Analytics and conversion set objectives. The tool is well explained and even IT laypersons easy to use. Allows you to analyze and identify which visitors which keywords were on your pages as long visiting traffic. The analysis provides you with important information on the acceptance and quality of your website. If you once a week to evaluate the data and interpret, you should adjust the keywords, your circuit and the pages accordingly. Are the desired results in the next week better, you have turned to the correct screws.

You get over time a sense of the range of instruments and the relationships, especially about the importance of CTR optimization of the bid.

In optimizing AdWords Account keywords and ads

8. Since you achieve your goals in the rarest cases right away, you must also work intensively in your AdWords account with ads and keywords. After a week you pause all keywords and ads that have delivered an unsatisfactory clickthrough rate (CTR) for additional keywords by Google Suggest. You will have enough to do with the beginning of the circuit in the Google search, so we do not recommend a placement in the display partner sites from. Establish that your bids (HPA) courses do not appear on the preferred high performance advertising above the organic search results, but at 4-10, or not at all, then you raise the bid to your ad reaches the places 1-3. They thus ensure the highest attention potential.

For each stage there are excellent tools with which the work is fun and save time and money. Free tools are also among them, but the better ones are chargeable.

Everything can be done manually, but we would not suggest it.

On target: A winner has already been chosen!

Conclusion: After 3 months you are, if you have  not alone, but have sought professional help, such as by visiting a PPC Agency seminar not only many enriching experience, but have built up an additional marketing and sales channel you can bring immense revenues and profits.

In case you could not generate new visitors and projects / transactions after 3 months, you will definitely have done something wrong – because Google AdWords works almost always ;-), at least for Google – which is why we advise investors to re Google shares.

Adwords Experts Services Germany Review

Google AdWords Basic seminars TILL.DE

The Google AdWords Basic Seminar of TILL.DE gives you a general overview of the possibilities, functions and benefits of the “Ads by Google”. They develop tools that will help you to formulate self-Google ads for your Internet presence and purposeful use in Google AdWords Expert Basic Seminar. You get to know all the features that Google AdWords has to offer. In addition, we will train you in the Google AdWords Basic Seminar in the investigation of the key indicators that are relevant for the optimal design of the Google ads. Using examples from our seminar also shows the potential for optimization of existing ads.

Once the Google AdWords Basic seminar you will have a good overview of the features of the program and are able to use your Google AdWords budget more efficiently. The result: more qualitative customer contacts, more booking requests, higher sales volumes in our online store and more return on investment.
Who is the Google AdWords Basic Seminar aimed at?

Our Google AdWords Basic Seminar is aimed at both newcomers to the topic of Google Adwords as well as to all those who are already working with Google AdWords, but are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their ads. If you are among the individuals who display Google ads for large sums without causing popping qualified leads, you are in our Google AdWords Basic Seminar right.
Our Google AdWords Basic Seminar covers the following content from:

How Google AdWords
Advantages of using Google AdWords
Construction of a Google AdWords Experts account
Setting up a Google AdWords account
Creating Google AdWords campaigns
Discovering efficient keywords
Setting the keyword and ad text
Possibilities of ad extension
Possibilities of budget and keyword optimization
Ads on the Google Network
Linking Google AdWords with Google Analytics
Evaluating statistics and indicators
Active participation of the seminar by the participants
Practical Tips & Tricks
Basic facts on the topics Internet
Moreover Understanding search engine optimization

Your speaker Joachim Schröder

Our seminars are conducted by Mr Joachim Schroder, who is one of the first five certified by Google AdWords coaches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So when participants on Google AdWords Basic Seminar of TILL.DE you receive training from experts at the highest level that is presented clearly and easily understood. With a number of more than 2,500 people who have already participated in our Google seminars, you can benefit from our experience.
What are the benefits of the seminars TILL.DE

Training at Google Adwords Expert Certified Training leader Joachim Schröder – one of the most experienced Google trainer in the German speaking
We offer top current content, we work in close cooperation with the Google Partner Academy
The small seminar groups provide individual attention to your specific concerns
All content modules have been tested by us and are so promising
Imparting of practical adwords expert tips and tricks that are easy to implement and make a big difference.
Following our seminars you will receive your personal certificate of participation and our seminar documents

Organisational around the seminars of TILL.DE

In order to offer you a holistic successful seminar, you will be provided by us with coffee, cold drinks and snacks.
In order also to participate actively in the seminar bring along your personal laptops recommended

Google AdWords Expert Seminar 200 euros saved!

Everyone who participates in our Google AdWords Seminar can each get a Google AdWords Experts coupon of 200 EURO. Please refer to the corresponding voucher conditions from Google *.

Google Adwords Expert Services

Google AdWords Expert

Google Adwords Expert Specialist Awarded & Approved

Paying Google SEO

Google Partner

Our paid search team of experts headed by PT – Consultant Google Adwords experts, Analytics and Yahoo Bing Microsoft Certified have passed the necessary examinations to obtain these approvals attesting that he possesses a thorough knowledge of AdWords and Bing Ads. Its 5 certifications are your guarantee solid experience and know-how. In 2015 he won the first prize Great Advertisers Google.

In building your strategy, it should be noted the importance of the Quality Score; Indeed, Google measures, among other things, the relevance of your keywords and ads, and then assigned a level of quality. High quality levels involve lower costs and better positioning of your ads. This qualitative bonus reward optimized campaign and will weigh the amount of your auctions. Our task is to optimize your campaigns for better ROI, so that your investment is truly profitable. Thus, our customers see savings up to 40% of their initial budget.

All our actions have a priority: Quality Score on Google
Deploying an account structure adapted and fully segmented
Sharp all targeting options Setting
Choice of primary keywords, long tail and negative keywords
Writing your ads marketing expert and optimizing your CTR
Installation of Display Campaigns
Setting up remarketing campaigns
Implementation of dynamic campaigns
Setting up Google Shopping campaigns
Establishment of ad extensions to optimize your performance
Placing ads hooks
Establishment of a real-time tracking your conversions and ROI
Linking your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts
Training to analyze your statistics through Google Analytics certified expert
Hotline 7/7
The amount of our fee is fixed

For audit, quote or training Google Adwords experts : thank you fill out the form below, we will reply immediately:


Boost your Adwords campaigns

Create and optimize Google Adwords campaigns

How to benefit from our pay per click management services?
We perform a free PPC audit of your AdWords campaign in 48h. This audit will indicate the potential gain you can achieve, to support graphics. We evaluate together the most relevant optimization strategies.
A three-month trial period without commitment

is then validated with you. During these three months, you will see your results improve dramatically. You do that will reward outperformance: if you win nothing, you pay nothing.
A performance or mandate!

After this test, it is up to you. You can choose to pay only the performance, or to give us a management mandate. If you decide to join us, welcome gift awaits you, especially for you.
“We manage a network of four upscale Parisian hotels. In time hotelier, we tried internally for 4 months to manage our Adwords experts campaign we just lost time and money. We have therefore chosen AdPremier to trust in assigning them very specific goals of profitability. AdPremier has completely redesigned, translated and transposed our international campaigns on search engines Google, Bing, Yandex (Russia) and Baidu (China). The profitability criteria were met in the first month for all our hotels. Currently our advertising campaigns on search engines allow us to recover the share of bookings made by OTA (Online Travel Agency Adwords Experts) on behalf of our institution. Reservations OTA that we would sell between 17 and 25% commission on our own behalf, now cost us more than 10%. The economy is substantial.retrieve your Live reservations are interested, we can only recommend them! “

Backlinks Analysis: six favorite tools SEO

Analysis of PPC Agency backlinks (incoming links): the favorite tools of SEO The JDN asked six inbound links SEO analysis tools they prefer to use and why. Here are their answers.

What tools do you use the most to analyze the backlinks? What are their advantages and features over other PPC Agency market tools? These were the questions asked by JDN to many SEO professionals. Here are their answers.

serge estevesSerge Esteves Creapulse CEO of the agency, and SEO consultant. © S.E.
Serge Esteves “Ahrefs or Majestic SEO for advanced analytics”

“For fast analysis or pre-audit, I use Searchmetrics has the advantage of providing a host of other SEO tools, so it saves me to switch from one tool to another.

For more advanced analysis, to study a Penguin penalty for example, I use Ahrefs or Majestic [which is better known by its previous name: Majestic SEO Agency, Ed] or to tools that use the API of those tools, as Netpeak Checker for Excel or simply SEOTools Niels Bosma. Do not forget Google Webmaster Tools to intersect several sources.

Majestic has the advantage of using the scores as Trust or Citation Flow Flow which are references to judge the quality of a page, especially since that PageRank is no longer updated. Majestic also toggles between an index and a historical cost index. Ahrefs me seems more comprehensive and also more innovative. He also made some interesting news, as the report “near-duplicates” that helps locate the duplicate content too. Its dashboard is also very clear. In addition, crawlers can make calls to its API, which can be practical to conduct even more advanced SEO analysis. ”

rolandRoland Debrabant is executive director of the Open Linking Building agency, consultant and trainer in SEO. © R. B.
Roland Debrabant: “Majestic is often used in pre-sales and Ahrefs.com in audits”

“Google Webmaster Tools and keyword planner will list the links collected by Google pointing to its site. This is the heart of the subject, and the advantage is that the data comes from Google lifts. But it is also a disadvantage, because Google does not back all the information. In addition, Google Webmaster Tools can not analyze the backlinks of competing websites … This is why within the Linking Open agency, we also use other tools.

Majestic is for example often used in pre-sales. It helps to have a quick and clear view of the profile of links obtained by a site. It also has a good history of links, and provides raw data that can be well exploited and reworked. Its Adwords Campaign Management Agency API is as easy to use. But it is very ergonomic, and it often export and deal Excel.

Ahrefs.com in turn is often used in our audits and monitoring our netlinking benefits. This tool is very graphic and offers more options, for example to identify broken links and references. The data is refreshed often and well, which can be very useful for many broken links and monitor the lost links. But its history starts in 2013, which makes it difficult to identify previous bad practices. Finally, we developed an internal tool, Open Labs’ which allows us to monitor the sustainability of links and rank partners by popularity and by type of links. ”

PowerTraffick Adwords Management Company web and SEO & PPC Advertising, Mathieu Chartier is author of several books and site blog.internet-formation.fr. © M. C.
Mathieu Chartier: “With SEMRush, monitoring becomes quick and simple”

“A lot of free tools are interesting, s but they are often limited quickly. I admit that the pro version of SEMRush really convinced me after several months of testing. Sure, it’s expensive at first, but tracking web positioning becomes extremely simple and fast. Everything is possible, the interface is quite intuitive and it is easy to obtain in Excel or PDF reports with a few clicks.

I particularly appreciate the accuracy of results, I could compare with others, but also the monitoring of SEO ranking of developments and detailed analysis of competing PPC Audit sites. I’m not saying that other tools are not worth it, but from my side is SEMRush that I liked the most. ”

alexandra martinAlexandra Martin Intuiti in SEO, and author of a specialized blog. © A.M.

Alexandra Martin: “Ahrefs has it all”

“My favorite tool that allows me to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing links of my blog is Ahrefs. Multiple features friendly graphs to illustrate the figures, ability to export data in CSV or PDF, friendly interface, simple and successful ergonomics, the tool has it all only downside. the price, which can slow some. ”

kevin nice cantinKevin Gentil-Cantin is co-founder and Director of Operations and Technology for Lagencemedia © KG-C.
Kevin Cantin-Gentil “Google Webmaster Tools is a must, but incomplete”

“Google Webmaster Tools is an essential tool, containing useful information on a site backlinks. It also has the advantage of views ‘Google’. But it is incomplete.

I can use as Majestic or Ahrefs either: they are tools that have large databases of proprietary data, which are updated regularly, which is their main strength. They allow to see the lost and won backlinks, link anchors, extensions of fields, while providing a more APIs to retrieve data easily for rework.

As for the Open Site Explorer Moz, his publisher, Moz.com, created its ecosystem, assigning a score to each site and each page, in addition to an indicator of “trust.” This helps significantly closer to the functioning of Google, and thus having performance indicators highly relevant SEO, especially regarding backlinks. The tool also allows users to compare themselves with competitors on one handy table edge. ”

Nicolas Robineau robineauNicolas is co-manager of the agency Studioclick, SEO, and member of the board of SEOCamp. © N.R.
Nicolas Robineau, “I can not do without the tool Linkody”

“I use every day and Ahrefs Majestic for two different reasons.

The first is won or lost my ties with ultra-reactively and allows me to update a house dedicated to backlinks file. For its part, Majestic offers me a more relevant vision with its Trust Flow and Citation Flown but, in contrast, the backlinks it takes me sometimes on non-indexed pages, which therefore lacks relevance. So I stick only to indicators Trust Flow and Citation Fow well known SEO.

I can not do without the Linkody tool. It allows me to track and monitor links that I would have bought such (although I know this is not good), or obtained in partnership, and I absolutely do not want to lose. “

Google AdWords management

  • Free initial consultation
  • Professional Campaign Analysis
  • One management or
  • Performance-Based Management

AdWords Management

You already have an existing Google AdWords PPC Agency account and want to optimize this professionally or be expanded?
Analyze and optimize your AdWords account

After an analysis of your account by our Google AdWords Professionals, we provide you with a custom quote for optimizing your AdWords campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

The AdWords management includes different steps that follow all one goal: to make your account more powerful!

Detailed analysis of the account
New and restructuring of campaigns
target group-oriented formulation of ad text
Optimizing and expanding your keyword lists
Optimizing keyword bids
Detection more efficient Keywords
Remove ineffective and expensive keywords
optimal alignment of regional campaigns
Connection and management of conversion tracking

Benefits of AdWords campaign management

more efficient use of your budget
Revealing and use of savings and management potentials
Increase the click and conversion rates
detailed reporting of key figures (before / after)
optimum display positioning

Following an management of your Google AdWords campaign management account, we recommend that you let manage the account permanently professional. Just as the long-term success can be ensured. The professional management is an important condition to ensure the best efficiency of your ads, use your budget profitably and thus cost-effective to generate new customer contacts.

In most cases, the cost per click (CPC) may be immediately and permanently reduced by a targeted management, which often increase the click-through rates (CTR) of your ads and keywords noticeably.

Of course, the increases and management potentials are depending on the target page and the structure of about optimizing AdWords PPC Agency account, however, even with already well-structured and time-consuming supervised campaigns can use our Google Certified Professionals often achieve unexpectedly strong efficiency gains. Proper evaluation of the indicators, revealing hidden potentials and keyword combinations and the vast body of specialists will provide you with a head start on the competition and success in the marketplace.

Google Gmail Sponsored Promotions setup Guide

The Best Way To Create Gmail Promotions

Gmail Publicity: E-mail marketing consumers really sort of like

Let us begin having a quick back ground on G-Mail Sponsored Promotions Material. They have been advertisements which can be discovered in the leading (and occasionally the underside) of the Campaigns tablature in your Gmail mailbox.

When the e-mail opens, you are billed for the click and they are revealed an advertising that was increased, which it is possible to point to your lead capture page the same as a PPC advertising that was routine. Ctrs on GSP are generally more than on text clicks and efforts are often under $1. Google Backed Promotions efforts are in beta, which means you require authorization in order to get it. But just talk/email/phone a Yahoo Consultant although starting is usually quite simple plus they are able to allow you to get accessibility. GSP can also be part of the PPC Administration Solutions of Tumultuous, therefore contact us now about gmail sponsored promotions setup!


You can make an effort after you have access to GSP! Develop a screen system only effort with all attributes chosen (see picture above). Ensure your geo-targeting is not off-target, pick advertising spinning, an everyday budget, and a command method. Reach keep to proceed to Advertising Team development and save .

The point where it gets tricky, the Advertising Team targeting is. For GSP efforts, you aren’t targeting mainly by screen key words or passions and promote. You’re utilizing an alternative targeting system, thus choose the “Use another targeting system” alternative (see picture above). In the dropdown menu click on arrangements. Eventually, in the base of the the box that appears you might find a blue expression that states include several arrangements simultaneously. Click on it and kind in mail.google.com. Reach save yourself.

Today on to the interesting part: you really get to make your first Advertising! In the advertising tablature, hit visit the Advertising gallery and generate advertising. Among the choices that arises is advertising that are G-Mail. That is the one that you need. After that you you must select from three choices that are theme. The most well-known is the clickable picture that is solitary. It has just one call to actions, which may function excellent for many advertizers and has a large visible effect. Get it done in the event you would like to to experience among the other themes! Then I would like to know the way that it goes. I am likely to focus for the remainder of the post on the Solitary Clickable Picture.

When making your advertising, you happen to be requested for an advertising title (only used in distinguishing your advertising in ad-words), a screen and destination link (just as with additional display advertising), a symbol (should be no bigger than 144px x 144px), the marketer title (should be less than 16 figures), an interest (a maximum of 25 figures), an outline or advertising text (significantly less than one hundred figures), and a picture (should be 650px wide).

Email box__5__-_ jenny2smrt4u gmail com_- Gmail 2

In Gmail, the promotional material that were subsidized are located on top and underside of the campaigns tablature. Unless visited on, each of the audience may notice is the symbol, ad man, topic, and outline (see picture above). So these areas need to be enticing! First, unless there is a well known manufacturer or are just boosting brand recognition, do not really place your symbol in the symbol box. As an alternative, place there. Next, place it in the outline and topic point and I love to choose the profitable advertising duplicate from my advertisement strategies. But in case your effort that is g-mail is for an entirely different function than your effort, clearly do not try it.


Eventually, the picture. The picture is observed in the event the advertisement is clicked on (notice picture above for what an enlarged picture seems like). You’ve rather a big area it is possible to encourage in, but do not move mad. The picture needs to be clean, easy, and appear not dissimilar to the lead capture page that folks will probably be heading to when they click in your advert. The advertisement will need to possess an obvious call to actions. Many folks will not search down on the site, thus make certain that many of the articles is above 650 px or the fold. It’s possible for you to signal it to possess a type, movie, and so forth, of it is possible to allow it to be easy having a great ol’ picture that is fixed. You’ve got now created your advertisement! I urge consistently split-testing two advertisements against one another.

Today you should add additional targeting to your own GSP for the advertising to reveal to the target market that is appropriate. A simple spot to begin is with keyword. Your advertisements may reveal to customers that have obtained e-mails that have the keywords you’re targeting. It is possible to include key words you’re currently targeting on the research system as well as competitions that you would like to to focus on. When I ‘ve mo-Re information about who turns and clicks on GSP, I’d focus on keyword targeting after which branch out to additional targeting choices. For tricks and more Screen System tips, click the link.

Your advertisements are at present able to to operate!

Have you’d success working Google Sponsored Promotions, or have you got some concerns? Tell us in the comments.